BP3 Low Pressure Casting Machine

The standard in low pressure casting machines from LPM.

The 4+4 column vertical press of the low pressure casting machine is placed above the holding furnace.  By means of a mechanical scissor lift system, the furnace can be raised to 250 mm to reach its working position below the dies mounted in the low pressure casting machine.

The furnace is mounted on guide ways allowing it to move horizontally and slide out frontally for ease of maintenance.  On request, a tilting feature can also be supplied to facilitate loading operations of the molten aluminum metal material and easy cleaning at the end of the casting process. 

The electric holding refractory furnace, with proportional pressurization control, is brought to working temperature by three heating elements protected by APM tubes made of sintered steel.

Casting ejection is hydraulically operated and a rotary arm catches the casting and removes it from the press swivelling outwards, thus guaranteeing maximum safety for the operator.

Thermal control of the mold is achieved through a system of 8 separate circuits (air, water, or a mix) and is PLC managed with either a Siemens controller or Allen Bradley.

Dies placement to low pressure casting machine is quick and simple with full frontal access to the machine.

The switch and control cabinet and hydraulic pack complete the assembly.


Vertical Press
Clearance between the columns longitudinal 1775 mm
transverse 1000 mm
Platen stroke   1300 mm
Moving column diameter   110 mm
Min. distance  between platen and casting table   540 mm
Opening force   200 KN
Locking force   250 KN
Ejection force   250 KN
Jack cylinder stroke   180 mm
Jack cylinder locking force   60 KN
Working dimensions including furnace housing (p x l x h)   1500 x 2300 x 6600 mm
Weight   13000 Kg

Pressure Furnace

Type basin furnace
Capacity 800 kg | 1000 kg | 1500 kg
Electric Power 32 kW | 38 kW | 45 kW
Temperature control Thyristors
Max operating pressure 2 bar

Hydraulic Pack

Tank capacity 600 lt
Operating pressure 80 120 bar
Motor electric power 22 kW
Type of pump piston
Flame-retardant fluid Glycol water
Cooling water consumption approx. 450 lt/h
Overall dimensions (p x l x h) 1300 x 2500 x 1500 mm
Weight 2000 Kg

Control unit

PLC unit  S7  SLC 500
Voltage    400 V 50 Hz
Auxiliary circuit voltage    110 V AC
PLC In/Out voltage    24 V DC
Overall dimensions (p x l x h)   2000 x 500 x 2100 mm
Weight   800 Kg

Installation data

Average consumption 30 kW/h
Connected load min. 60 kW
Compressed air
Pressure 6 - 8 bar
Cooling circuit consumption 150 Nm3/h
Furnace pressurization consumption 2 Nm3/min
Pressure 2 - 3 bar
Hydraulic unit flow rate (with water at 25C) 18,5 lt/min
Cooling circuit flow rate 15 lt/min




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